"Let the Little Children Come to Me, and Do Not Hinder Them"

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Find a Safe Place at the Jean Browning Maternity Home

Providing a safe haven for refuge, recovery and growth

When you choose to save the life of your baby, you're choosing to embrace everything that comes with motherhood. Unfortunately, this can be difficult if you've gone through an abusive relationship, dealt with financial instability or learned unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Jean Browning Maternity Home opens our doors to pregnant women and new moms just like you. We'll provide the support needed to create a happy and healthy life for you and your baby.

Find a safe place for you and your child to live. Call 205-393-0676 to learn how we can help.

There are people who care about you and your baby

Instead of sacrificing our young women to the streets, we provide a safe space that fosters growth and development. Our girls not only receive access to basic necessities, like food and shelter-they also receive:

  • A sense of belonging and community
  • Recovery resources and emotional support
  • Unconditional love from our compassionate staff
Learn how you can improve the quality of life of a mother and her child. Visit our How to Get Involved page today.

You Don't Have to Go Through Your Transition Alone

Find your safe haven at the Jean Browning Maternity Home

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