Our History

Dear Friends and Partners,

I am so incredibly blessed to share with you that we have recently celebrated our 14th anniversary of ministry at the Jean Browning Home. Having just completed year fourteen, I look back in amazement at what all the Lord has done. I give Him the glory for everything accomplished and I rest assured His Spirit led us and His hand touched so many areas in so many ways to make this beautiful and anointed home a reality.

The home was established legally and received its original nonprofit status in 2003 as the Jean Browning Home for Teen Unwed Mothers. From that time we began to reach out to pregnant teens in dire circumstances. My husband and I opened our home to our first girl, Candace Collins, in July of 2005, as a foster maternity home. She is now happily married to a Christian man, they have two children in addition to Ashley, her daughter she was pregnant with at the time she was at the home. She now works as a registered nurse in a large hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2003, for the past 16 years, my life has been incredibly blessed with the honor and privilege of ministering to young, homeless women and their children and babies.

In 2011, New Beginning Family Worship Center, in their wonderful and unprecedented generosity, presented us with a beautiful new home, free of debt. This gift has afforded us to receive twice as many residents as we could have accommodated, leading to our being able to minister to many more young women and share with them the love of Jesus. We are also now legally positioned to take young, adult women which has broadened the scope of our ministry. Through prayer, counseling, taking residents into the home, financial assistance, etc. our numbers have grown substantially with the passing of time.

We have been blessed to offer a safe haven to many young women who would have chosen abortion. The Lord has blessed our babies. Most have been high risk pregnancies. We have never had a still birth or lost a precious one to SIDS. We've had only one birth defect, which was cleft lip and cleft palate, not severe. One child whose naval cord was wrapped around her neck at birth was miraculously healed! We have trusted the Lord for these outcomes. However His face has truly shone upon us and all the glory belongs to Him!

Thank you all, my dear friends and partners, for all you have done through the years. We continue to need your ongoing prayer and financial support. It is my prayer that you are truly blessed in knowing what your giving and generosity has accomplished in the lives of so many. I love you all!

Vicki Avery